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  • Earn Tokens

    Earn Rewards for placing orders, receive a discount token when you place an order!
  • Refer Friends

    Make a reference and earn a 5% discount for yourself and a friend
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    Learn about upcoming discounts, features and promotions.

Here’s why our new Reward’s Program is so great!

You've been asking and we've been listening. We're confident you'll love this new feature.

Dear Customers

Stylus Marketing’s Rewards Program is being implemented for your benefit. When you sign up for our Rewards program you will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter where you will receive information about special upcoming offers and promotions. Being a part of this program will also allow you to receive extra benefits and discounts for your loyalty.

How does this work?​

There will be 3 virtual tokens (as you can see in the picture above); one token will be given every time you place an order. Each token represents a 5%-10% discount which can be redeemed in your very next order. However, you can save up the tokens from all of your orders and redeem up to 3 tokens for just one order which can mean up to a 30% discount.

Other benefits​

There will also be a discount offered to those who reference Stylus Marketing to others. If an individual places an order through the reference from an existing customer, then both the new and existing customers in the reference will receive a 5% discount which is redeemable at any time.

Eligibility Conditions

entry is only eligible if,

1. the individual is a legally certified employee from a registered company

2. no other entry has been received by the providing registered company

3. providing valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in the Loyalty Program

4. has not previously been terminated from the Loyalty Program

5. providing a valid business email. entries with a personal email will be disregarded.

6. by means of becoming a member of this program the participants agree that you have read, understood and comply with these program terms and conditions of Participation (“Program Terms”) and by any adjustments or modifications which might be made in the future.

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