How Social Media Marketing Companies Create Successful Social Media Strategy?

Social media marketing has no more remained a buzzword today for online businesses. It is because they know if they want to establish their strong social media presence, they have to use this platform. To define simply, social media marketing is a process of gaining targeted audiences’ attention or website traffic via making promotions on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. By doing business promotions through social media channels, a business wants to:

  1. Increase its brand awareness
  2. Generate new leads
  3. Drive traffic to the website
  4. Boost brand engagement
  5. Remain connected with their audiences

And for achieving these goals, it is necessary to join hands with a reputed social media marketing company in Canada. The reason is only experienced professionals can devise the right strategy for your business that will help in achieving one or all business objectives. Without having the right strategy, you will not get desired results even if you remain active on social media platforms for more than one year. So, whether you want to expand your targeted audiences through social media or want to generate business leads, having the right social media strategy is essential.

Now, let’s discuss the factors experts take into consideration before determining the social media strategy:

  1. Target Audiences: Once business goals are discussed in detail, the foremost important step is to define target audiences. Companies try to understand targeted audiences’ behavior so that they can create their social media strategy rightfully. For this, they build marketing personas of audiences by knowing who are they (age, gender, salary, location), which thing of their interest you can provide (entertainment, information on new products), which social media platform they use the most (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), which kind of post they view the most (simple one or two-line texts or videos), etc. Once companies create marketing personas, it is like winning a half battle as they get answers of their other questions as well.
  1. Information or Message Important to Share: Do you really think that customers read each and every piece of information a brand shares on the social media handles. The answer is NO. They show more interest in reading those pieces of information which are useful for them and related to brands. For instance, if you are running any fitness corporate apparel store, you should give meaningful information to audiences by posting information about new arrivals, fitness tips, etc. This will solve the dual purpose: you have given information about the company’s new arrivals and rightfully, develop a sense of urgency in customers to buy and use them by posting their pictures.
  1. Sharing Information on which Platform: It is not necessary for every brand to remain active on all social media platforms. A professional social media marketing company takes no time in determining the platform to use for sharing their posts. While creating marketing personas, it extracts information about social media platforms targeted audiences are using the most. So, it is a wise idea to remain active on those platforms only. For instance, if your targeted audiences lie in the age group 13-25 years, statistics reveal that they remain more active on Instagram and Facebook.  Moreover, they would prefer images more than simple texts. So, harness the power of digital photographs or creativity to attract their attention on these platforms.
  1. The Right Time to Share: Another important part of the social media strategy is to figure out when is the right time to share your content. Here also, marketing personas will come in handy. You need to understand your audiences’ behavior carefully. The studies reveal that different people have different times to browse social media platforms. For instance, mothers of babies prefer scrolling social media during the nighttime when they are in the bed and breastfeed their babies. On the other hand, an enthusiastic traveler remains active on social media during the weekends or work breaks while planning for their next trip. So, these examples clearly show that if you share any post at any time, the chances remain high that your targeted audiences will miss it. So, the rule says to focus on the behavioral patterns of your audiences before making any post.

A well-established Canada-based social media marketing company considers all these factors minutely before devising a strategy and executing it. This is the main reason that it always delivers the expected results to clients and helps in achieving their business goals.

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